Tolva Mystery Boxes

How do you make someone’s day without splashing out on the latest graphics card or processor that can make rainbows and unicorns? We’ve finally got the perfect solution: A Tolva Mystery Box.

You’re lucky recipient will find some amazing Electrical products inside. We can’t reveal a whole lot about what they’re getting, but just know that we’ve tucked some amazing stuff in there.

Treat someone in your life to the thrill of a real surprise! After all, they buy all the ‘serious’ tech they want for themselves, they don’t need another Hi-Fi or 5G compatible fridge.

  • Mystery Boxes are all about chance and all items included in the boxes are selected at random.
  • WE PROMISE: All items included are brand new! The value of the items in your package is the same as the price you bought!
  • 30% chance = 1.5 times the value of payment. 8% chance = 2 times the value of payment.
  • NOTE: Since it is a special product, we do not offer return/refunds on these items Please read carefully!
  • BOXES pictured are not represented of boxes that will be delivered.


DISCLAIMER: If you purchase our mystery box, congratulations! We hope you like your box! If sadly you are not happy with the contents of your mystery box, we do not offer refunds, swaps, or cancellations. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.


**Terms and conditions:

  1. By purchasing a box, you are confirming your compliance and understanding of our terms and conditions listed here.
  2. All boxes bought are NONREFUNDABLE.
  3. If you purchase a mystery box, please be aware that we do not offer refunds on any of the items. You are not entitled to swap/cancel items within the box. The box comes as is and cannot be changed. The box is a mystery, and so if you are unhappy with the box we are unable to change this.
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