How can I find out my pre order queue position?

Pre order queue positions is a non reply email that will give you your current queue position. This is not a account enquiry, order swap or information email. You will receive your order position only. You can of course request this at least once a week any customers who abuse the once a week rule will be ignored by the team. We have unfortunately had some customers abuse our pre order position emails and have had to make the decision to lock it down completely meaning if you respond to the queue position it will be ignored and you will only receive your queue position once a week. 

if you receive your queue position and would like more information on estimated dates etc then please get in touch using either our web chat service or our customer support form which can be found HERE 

Any communications sent that are not PRE ORDER POSITION related will be ignored from this contact form. this is for PRE ORDER POSITIONS ONLY only.

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