Our Pre-Order Promise

Our pre-order promise applies to all customers with a pre-order with us. We are trying our best to meet demand on new releases and more and will keep all customers updated with developments regarding their pre-order via the email you provide on the order placed.

On some products, we may have an arrival date or estimated arrival date. While these dates are normally fulfilled we may time to time have notification from a manufacturer or supplier that the estimated date has changed. We will of course keep you updated regarding any date changes or delays.

If you wish to cancel your pre-order with us you can at any time (but please bear in mind that once cancelled you will lose your place in the queue even if you decide to pre-order again your place will be what it is at the time of the purchase.

Any refund requests within 72 hours of ordering (mistakenly pre-ordering, ordering the wrong items, or not understanding our terms and conditions or refund policy may result in a 2.9% cancellation and admin fee.

So we ask that you please double-check all orders before processing your order.

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