Tolva retro, is where you will find all things retro, from retro cases, to retro arcade mini machines and more.
We wanted to bring back the 80s and 90s, so you can bring back those nostalgic years and play those games you had forgotten about.

Sleeper PC's

What Are They?

What is a Sleeper PC? If you couldn’t tell, a Sleeper PC is basically a computer built inside of a normal looking chassis. They are the opposite of what PC’s are nowadays and speak nothing of gaming, and everything about mundane normality. But are hiding something very unique inside.
Sleeper PC’s are the new RGB, And at Tolva we are the first UK PC specialists to offer custom-built Sleeper PC’s in a range of cases with the newest components inside.
Sleeper PC’s are the Lamborghini engine inside the Ford chassis.

Funko & Pokemon

Yes you heard right.

We also now stock Pokémon cards and Funko pops which will be available with all Custom Built PC’s to show off in your new Custom Built PC. And if you want to increase your collection we will have Funko Pops on sale as well.

But watch this space we will be adding new retro and Anime products in the future from Dragon Ball Z to Streetfighter and more.

Keep It Retro

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