Razer USB LED Ring Light for PC and Mobile Streaming


• 12″ ring light for studio-quality stream lighting.
• Customisable light spectrum to achieve the right zone.
• Adjustable brightness for optimal light levels.
• Flexible mounting options for PC and mobile streaming.
• Tripod stand to fit all types of setups.

• 1x Ring Light with attached cable and controller
• 1x Tripod Stand
• 1x Mobile Phone Holder
• 1x Ball Header



Razer Ring Light

If streaming is your thing, then seize the spotlight with the Razer Ring Light-a 12″ USB LED ring light designed for studio-quality stream lighting on PC and mobile. With adjustable settings and flexible mounting options, it’s time to let the fans view you in your best light.

Customizable Light Spectrum

With just a flick of a switch, you can choose between a warm white (3000K), balanced white (4500K), or cool white (6500K) tone to enhance the overall look and feel of your setup.

Adjustable Brightness

No matter your room setting or time of day, get the ideal amount of illumination for your stream by controlling the light’s strength from 10-100%.

Flexible Mounting Options

The Razer Ring Light comes with two swappable attachments for the best of both worlds: a ball head mount for webcams when streaming on PC, and a phone holder when streaming on mobile.

Tripod Stand

The Razer Ring Light also comes with a compact tripod stand, so you can install it immediately to existing setups without having to buy more gear.

Powered Through USB

The ring light also works well with both PC or a power bank, which makes it convenient if you need to run a portable streaming setup for events and tournaments.

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